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What is a property insurance law claim?

Each month, you pay insurance premiums, whether it’s for your car, home, or other possessions. These payments are your side of an agreement between you and your insurance company that says, should these items be damaged due to a disaster or accident, your insurance company will financially compensate you so that you can have them repaired or, if needed, replaced. The exact terms of this agreement are laid out in your insurance policy. Just as you are required to make payments in order to receive coverage, your insurance company is required to provide it; to honor its agreement in a fair and ethical manner.

Individuals have property insurance law claims when an insurance company purposely fails to meet its obligations as laid out in your policy and the Texas Insurance Code.

Do I have a claim?

Insurance companies are required by law to treat their customers fairly and to abide by the terms set out in their policy. As you may have guessed, this does not always happen. When an insurance company fails or refuses to live up to its obligations, customers have the right to take action so they can recover penalties and receive the compensation and coverage they’re entitled to.

Before taking the next step, however, you’ll want to make sure you have an actionable claim. Take a look below. Do any of the following apply to your situation?

  • Insurance company failed or refused to fully investigate your claim
  • Unreasonable denial of insurance benefits
  • Insurance company underpaid your claim
  • Your claim was not resolved in a timely manner
  • Insurance company refused to settle your claim to enforce lower payment
  • Your policy was canceled with no explanation

If you’ve experienced any of the above, an attorney specializing in bad faith insurance claims can help.

Types of Property Insurance Claims

Property insurance law claims can pop up in any situation in which you might file a claim with your insurance. These might include:

Natural Disasters

Flood/Water Damage


Long Term Medical Care

Insurance Claim resources

Maximize Your Payout: Hire an Attorney

When an insurance company pays out a claim, it loses money. And when they’re challenged, these companies hire some of the best lawyers in the business to make sure they don’t have to pay you. We’ve found that the best defense against a good lawyer is a better lawyer. The attorneys at Brasher Law Firm have years of experience getting people the damages they’re entitled to. We understand the insurance industry and how to quickly bring these matters to a close. In short, we’re here to help. If you believe you have a property insurance law claim, call us at (844)-299-8528 for a free consultation.
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