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What to Look Out For: Flood Damage vs. Wind Damage 

Many individuals who have suffered flood damage in a hurricane are surprised to learn their homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover it. Remember, flood insurance is most often a matter of federal law, often included in flood relief funds allocated to the states. Because of this, most individuals purchase flood insurance separately from their homeowner’s insurance. Insurance adjustors are all too aware of this fact and have withheld millions of dollars in payments to their customers by claiming damage caused by wind was actually caused by a flood.  

When trying to determine to specific cause of the damage done to your home, know where the water came from, if it’s possible water damage was caused by the wind, and the specific way your insurance policy deals with these factors.  

Confusion Is What They're Counting On

Insurance companies count on confusion over their policies and their customers’ unwillingness to challenge their decisions as part of their business model. Alone, these two factors save them millions of dollars each year.  

If you believe your insurance company is operating in bad faith, the property insurance law attorneys at Brasher Law Firm can help. For years, we’ve helped individuals and businesses recover the funds they need to repair their homes and workplaces, and get back to their normal lives. Whenever a major storm comes through, we’re out there helping people just like you.

Hurricane Dolly

Struck South Texas in July 2008. A Category 2 storm that caused $1.6 billion in damage and left 22 people dead.

Hurricane Ike

In September 2008, only two months after Dolly, Ike made landfall, damaging portions of Texas, Louisiana, and the northern U.S. Damage in the U.S. was calculated at $30 billion, and killed at least 113 people.

Hurricane Irene

Irene struck in in August 2011, causing flood damage to coastal areas up and down the Eastern seaboard. In all, 47 people were killed, and more than $13 billion in damage was left behind.

In each of the above instances, Brasher was there to help those who were affected. Where property insurance claims are concerned, insurance companies operating in bad faith can be more common as they’re inundated with customers who experienced damage to or the complete loss of their property. Our job is to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

If Your Home or Business Were Damaged in a Hurricane

While much of the Southern and Eastern United States is potentially at risk whenever a hurricane strikes, South Texas and the area around the Gulf of Mexico is particularly susceptible. We understand the landscape and how to help those dealing with insurance companies determined not to help them. Call the attorneys at Brasher Law Firm for a 100% free consultation. 

Maximize Your Payout: Hire an Attorney

When an insurance company pays out a claim, it loses money. And when they’re challenged, these companies hire some of the best lawyers in the business to make sure they don’t have to pay you. We’ve found that the best defense against a good lawyer is a better lawyer. The attorneys at Brasher Law Firm have years of experience getting people the damages they’re entitled to. We understand the insurance industry and how to quickly bring these matters to a close. In short, we’re here to help. If you believe you have a property insurance law claim, call us at (844)-299-8528 for a free consultation.
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